Cheers, We’re Blogging! (I Hate Myself So Hard for Saying That.)

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc on the beach
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc on the beach

My sister and I have decided we’re blogging now. Sometimes there’s too much insanity to keep in one (or two, really — see, I’m already doing this wrong) brain. Plus, we’re getting older so having this all in writing will act as proof that these things did, in fact, happen. It will be either reassuring to have it as written history or (more likely) terrifying to have no recollection and be convinced that some stranger hacked us and wrote about a bunch of stuff that we’re certain never actually happened.

We’re not really sure where this will take us. I suspect it will be like a disturbing — yet hopefully amusing — stream of consciousness. We’re both of the mindset that if you can’t laugh at the insanity life throws at you, you’re screwed.

There aren’t any pictures of us because I am painfully introverted and like that I can remain anonymous. However, I reserve the right to change my opinion because I’m sure at some point (probably drunk) I’ll be all like “Hey, I’m going to put this picture of me from 7th grade with the worst haircut I’ve ever had!” And then I’ll regret what I did so I’ll have to post one of my sister with underwear on her head as revenge even though she didn’t do anything. Because that’s how this whole sibling thing works. But for now, the only thing you’ll have to go by is this picture of our Kim Crawford-sauvignon blanc-clutching hands (my hand is on the right — sister is on the left — top is anonymous #3 who is not biologically related but will undoubtedly be an inspiration and contributor to much of what is posted here, and will almost definitely have pictures posted of her with stuff on her head at some point in time — probably sooner than later because of how much fun she is.)

Welcome to our fancy little world!

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