Want One?

sandpipers in Dennisport
sandpipers in Dennisport

This photo was taken last year (August 2014) while on vacation in Dennisport, Cape Cod. It was unbelievably relaxing to watch these little guys poking in the sand for snacks while running back and forth with the tide. When I’m stuck in standstill traffic watching entitled drivers illegally blow by me in the breakdown lane, or in line at the grocery store two customers behind a woman who’s insisting she can use the clearly expired Whiskas cat food coupon because the last time she was there they didn’t have the Sardine Mackerel Entree that her cat prefers, this is where I escape in my head to avoid going into full cardiac arrest.

A framed print of this is hanging in my bathroom, which is decked out all Cape Cod-y style because I like to pretend I live on the beach. (But I don’t, and that’s why I cry myself to sleep every night.) I’ve also printed this onto a wood background where the image is faded just enough for the grain to show slightly through the lighter colors and white areas of the image. For anyone interested in escapism fuel (you know you need it) — or if you know someone else that could use it (of course you do) — I’m taking orders for photographs or wood prints. The wood print is on 1/2″ depth of maple, finished with a protective laminate over the image, and has a pre-cut keyhole in the back for hanging. Wood print orders start at $65.00 + shipping for an 8″ x 12″. Custom sizes are also available.

We don’t have our act together enough to have a fancy ‘order online’ page, so if you’re interested in a photograph or maple wood print, use this contact form.

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