A New Beginning(?)

Our Perfect Picnic?
Our Perfect Picnic?

Over six years ago we started this project with an idea that became a manuscript that inspired amazing oil on canvas paintings that resulted in our completed thirty page picture book. Pictures have been taken of all the paintings, text has been formatted and set, and the book is basically complete. We’re so excited to have seen this through and are proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We aren’t doing things ‘by the book’ (pun intended/not intended – pun coincidental) and have researched all the publishing guidelines to prove it. Yesterday, we spent the day driving around Boston visiting relevant publishing houses and were successful at two of the three locations (damn that one particularly merciless receptionist who wouldn’t be bribed with our basket of muffins, bars, and cookies!) and felt satisfied with our progress. We also emailed samples to additional publishers across the country. And now the waiting game begins…

Wish us luck!

(By the way, if anyone has words of advice, connections to children’s book publishers, or large cash donations they’d like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us! xoxo)

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