We’re Sisters & Like to Pretend We Know Lots of Things

Laura, the artist / illustrator, is the raven haired beauty on the left. That’s Karen, the author, on the right. She likes to drink wine. We’re both married (not to each other because even if we were incestuous lesbians I don’t think it’s legal, although it would have made the wedding guest list super easy) and have two children each.

We have many talents but none of them provide us with a paycheck, so this is a way to feel like we’re working until we’re gainfully employed.

For more information and links to our portfolios, click here:


For a long time, we’ve wanted to work together on something – anything – in a creative escfield, but lack the business understanding to move ahead with a typical business model. There have been a number of ideas thrown around (including, but not limited to: clothing design, photography, a children’s book – this one is in the works so stay tuned!, a food truck, etc.) but nothing we were comfortable advancing. We do know that we like to laugh, paint, eat, take pictures, and speculate about the insanity surrounding us every day.

The purpose of this site is first and foremost to amuse ourselves. If we get lots of visitors who are also amused, then that’s a massive benefit and we already love you. Come over and play with us. We’ll provide cosmos made with a lot of fresh lime juice served in a fancy glass — because the glass is just as important as what’s in it — and laugh an awful lot. Because we get you and you get us and it’s a pleasure to surround yourself with people like that.

Eventually, we want to provide creative services in the form of artwork — illustrations, murals, photography, etc. Really, we’re willing to do anything within a legal and/or moral standard as long as it’s creative and we like each other.

But for now, grab a snack and have a few laughs.

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