You Need This in Your Life

slap-yo'-mama good
slap-yo’-mama good

I’m not a huge dessert person. I’d rather have more (and I say more because I’ve most certainly already had too much) butter-slathered crusty bread than a piece of cake — but that’s not to say I can’t down a black raspberry ice cream cone with jimmies before you finish reading this sentence. However, every so often I come across something so uniquely sweet and delicious and puppy kicking good that it’s frightening how little self-control I have as I proceed to stuff mouthful after mouthful into my fat face. These Coconut Coffee Blondies are a perfect example. (Take it easy, I’m not really kicking any puppies over it — but if those were my only options, I would consider it…)

My sister first made these several months back to give away as gifts, which meant we split one small one to make sure they weren’t awful (uh, they weren’t!) and then had to be crafty in cutting small slices off some of the larger bars in order to eat more, and more, and more. And then the amount going to each person was lesser and lesser as we uncontrollably diminished the quantity. I made another batch recently and was again astounded at how awesome they are (I was thinking maybe I was really hungry the first time I had them and they couldn’t possibly be as good as I remembered — uh, they were!)

The recipe is from Heather Christo’s website and the direct link to the recipe is: Coconut Coffee Blondies. Please make them right away. And get them to me immediately because I’m hungry. (I’m just kidding — I’m almost never hungry, but that wouldn’t stop me from eating the hell out of a fresh batch…)