That Perfect Gift for When You Have No Idea What to Get Someone

Happy Holidays

Head on over to our Etsy site to see the hand made coasters / decorative tiles you’re going to need for the holidays. You already know you’re going to be invited to your neighbor’s Holiday Block Party and, really, who needs another bottle of wine? (Just seeing if you’re paying attention — we ALL need another bottle of wine!) However, why not be original and present a set of these beauties as a unique hostess gift? Then, everyone will be all like “Wow, did you see what ESC Reader brought to the party? She must have the inside scoop on all the new, amazing trends. I’m going to need to pay attention to what she’s doing because she’s really got her life together.”

Your neighbor: “WOW – you’re the best guest that’s ever stepped foot in my house EVER!”

Or, don’t forget that group at work who just love to have a Yankee Swap. The only problem you may run into is avoiding the melee that will undoubtedly occur when everyone is fighting for the gift you provided. However, you’re going to get a sizable raise when your boss, who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, is the one who takes these babies home after trading in a Holly Berry Yule Log scented candle. Because making snowmen with Grampa is a favorite childhood memory. I smell a promotion…

Your boss: “She’s a hard worker, has a keen eye for detail, and a terrific sense of style. I think a 35% raise is fitting.”

Or what about your crabby sister-in-law who always pouts because her birthday is the day after Christmas and she’s annoyed that she’s only known birthday presents that come in red and green wrapping paper. Get her a set of these gems to remind her that it’s warm and sunny somewhere (just not in her disposition.)

Your sister-in-law: “No one’s ever been so thoughtful. This is just perfect. You’re the best.” …sniff…

You’re welcome! We appreciate thanks in the form of cash or check. Or wine.
Happy Holidays!!!